Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson

Ichiyo's Japanese online lesson
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Hello everyone! I am Ichiyo from Japan. I am teaching Japanese online.


Can you read the above Japanese sentence?

Do you have opportunities to talk with native Japanese people?

Can a Japanese native understand your Japanese?

Perhaps you may have Japanese friends whom can help you with your Japanese, however they might not be able to cater specifically to your level.

A few years ago, I could not speak English, even though I had been studying English a lot.

I wondered if native English speakers could understand my English and I pondered on whether my English was actually natural or not.

Do you feel the same way when using your Japanese?

From my childhood till when I entered university, I had never spoken with a native English speaker. I had studied English only using textbooks. I think this was a waste of time.

I feel conversing with native speakers and having the target language corrected by a native is necessary for improvement. In addition, using the language every day is very important as a way to improve yourself.

This is why I started running my own Japanese lessons, which enable you to use your Japanese daily.

What is “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson?”

If you apply to “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson,” you can use the following services.

① Private Conversation Lesson
② Daily Japanese Support Service
③ Student Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF)

Private One-on-one Tuition is Provided for All Services

Reading, writing, and speaking are very important for learning any language.

①Private Conversation Lesson

Japanese Skype Lesson Study

Conversing with Japanese natives is very important for improving your skills. You can talk with Ichiyo about anything you like.

② Daily Japanese Support Service

Japanese Sentence Checking

You can learn Japanese anytime and anywhere using our support service. We will find a way to unlock your Japanese skills.

③ Student Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF)

Japanese Textbook Grammar

Ichiyo will make customized explanatory sheet for you, tailored to your level.

If you have an Internet connection, you can learn anywhere in the world


If you want to learn real Japanese at home, you can easily do so with us.

If you are a beginner, we will teach the basics. We cater for beginner to advanced levels.

If you want to improve your Japanese skills, we will do our best to help you.

The most important thing is to enjoy using Japanese.

The amount of students we accept is kept at a minimum in order for us to provide the highest quality lessons. Therefore, please apply now before all available slots are taken.

If you want to enjoy using whilst improving your Japanese language skills, we look forward to your application.