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We updated and changed our lessons and services on February 1, 2023. The fees were adjusted.

Ichiyo's Japanese online lesson
Japanese online lesson
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Hello everyone! I am Ichiyo from Japan. I represent “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson” and teach Japanese to non-native Japanese learners.


Can you read the above Japanese sentences? Do you have opportunities to talk with native Japanese people? Can Japanese natives understand your Japanese?

Perhaps you have Japanese friends who can help you with your Japanese, however, they might not be able to cater specifically to your level.

A few years ago, I could not speak English, even though I had studied English a lot.

I wondered if native English speakers could understand my English and pondered whether my English was actually natural or not. Do you feel the same way when using Japanese?

From my childhood till when I entered university, I had never spoken with a native English speaker. I only used textbooks to study English. I think that was a waste of time.

I feel conversing with native speakers and having the target language corrected by a native teacher is necessary for improvement. In addition, using the language every day is very important as a way to improve yourself.

Unfortunately, I have seen many Japanese learners who cannot use Japanese correctly even though they have lived in Japan for many years. One of the reasons is they do not have a teacher who checks their Japanese every time.

This is why I started running my own Japanese conversation lessons and the service where we check and correct your Japanese daily.

Two Types of Services of “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson”

To improve your Japanese skills, we offer two types of services. All levels are welcome!

1. Private Conversation Lesson (Online Lesson)

Conversation with Japanese natives is very effective for improving your skills. You can talk to Ichiyo about anything you like. This lesson will be held using Skype.

1 lesson: 30 minutes

・1 Lesson Package: 2,500 Japanese yen

・5 Lesson Package: 11,500 Japanese yen

・10 Lesson Package: 21,000 Japanese yen

(Tax Included, Payment method: PayPal)

daily Japanese study lesson

11,500 yen equates roughly to $87 (USD), $126.10 (AUS), or €80.20.
※ This exchange rate was taken on 1/20/2023. We are not responsible for the exchange rate. Please check the latest exchange rate through this link.

If you have a “PayPal” account, you can pay the fee even if you don’t live in Japan and don’t have a Japanese yen account.

We do not have a predefined curriculum. We will create our lessons according to your needs. 

2. Daily Japanese Mail Support

To get correct Japanese skills, using Japanese every day and having it corrected by a native-Japanese teacher is very important. In this service, you can learn Japanese anytime and anywhere in the world.

Japanese Sentence Checking

We will check your Japanese and answer your questions using email. We will teach Japanese until you understand it.
・You can ask us questions about Japanese.
・We will check the Japanese sentences that you wrote.
・We will check your videos or audio recordings of you speaking Japanese.
・We will check your handwritten Japanese characters.

Student-Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service

If you take our “Daily Japanese Mail Support,” you can also take the “Student-Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service.” We will create explanatory sheets for you when it is difficult to explain Japanese using email.

Japanese Textbook Grammar
Daily Japanese Mail Support

30 days: 5,000 Japanese yen (Tax Incrluded, Payment method: PayPal)

5,000 yen equates roughly to $37.80 (USD), $54.80 (AUS), or €35.
※ This exchange rate was taken on 1/20/2023. We are not responsible for the exchange rate. Please check the latest exchange rate through this link.