Conversation Lesson Schedule

All lesson times are Japan Standard Time(UTC+9).

Please keep this in mind when booking your lesson.

If you are unsure of the time difference, please check using Time Zone Converter.

Ichiyo Sensei’s Lesson Time Slots

①9:00-9:50 ②10:10-11:00 ③11:20-12:00 ④12:30-13:20 ⑤13:40-14:30

⑥14:50-15:40 ⑦16:00-16:50 ⑧17:10-18:00 ⑨18:20-19:10 ⑩19:30-20:20


Hisae Sensei’s Lesson Time Slots

Hisae Sensei’s Conversation Lessons are held on weekday betweem 9:00 to 12:00 (JST).

These lessons are for higher level students, who do not require an English explanation.

①9:00-9:50 ②10:10-11:00 ③11:20-12:00