Private Japanese Conversation Lesson

Let us practice Japanese conversation with Ichiyo!
All our lessons are one-to-one. We welcome all levels!
We do not have predefined curriculum.
Ichiyo will provide lessons according to students’ skills and their purpose.

Teacher: Ichiyo
One conversation lesson: 30 minutes
Lesson Method: Skype

Ichiyo’s private Japanese conversation lesson
Japanese Teacher: Ichiyo

You can talk about anything you want in Japanese.
・Free Conversation
・Learning Japanese basics, grammar, culture, kanji, and so on.
・Practicing keigo (honorific language), business language, job interview.
・Testing your Japanese language skills in multiple areas etc.

The lesson name is “Private Japanese Conversation Lesson,” but Ichiyo also checks the Japanese sentences that you wrote. Please let me know if you have a request for the lesson.

Lesson Schedule

All lesson times are in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).

※ Business hours for our private lessons were changed on August 10th, 2023.
Sorry for the short business hours on weekdays.

Business hours (JST)
Monday to Friday: 8:00 P.M. ~ 11:45 P.M.
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 A.M. ~ 11:45 P.M.

When you book your lesson, please contact Ichiyo through Skype message. We run a first come, first served system, so get your bookings in quickly.
Ichiyo’s holidays or absences will be announced on this page.

Terms and Conditions

・Private Conversation Lessons expire 60 days after payment has been successfully received.

・Private Conversation Lesson does not include “Daily Japanese Mail Support.” You can apply for the “Daily Japanese Mail Support” through this page.

・There is a possibility that the contents of our lessons and services will change. In that case, we will inform them to our members in advance.

※ You can read more about the “Terms and Conditions,” “Refund & Cancelation Policy,” and “Privacy Policy” when you click the apply button below.

Things That Need to Be Prepared by Yourself

Required Hardware and Software for Lesson Participation

Please obtain and prepare the following equipment in advance.
・Skype account.
・Internet-enabled PC, laptop or smartphone.

・Webcam with built-in microphone or webcam with a separate microphone. Using a smartphone camera is also fine.
・Microphone headset (the use of a headset or headphones is recommended for providing an optimum lesson experience.) A smartphone microphone is also acceptable.

Fees and Payment Method:

1 lesson: 30 minutes

・1 Lesson Package: 2,500 Japanese yen

・5 Lesson Package: 11,500 Japanese yen

・10 Lesson Package: 21,000 Japanese yen

(Tax Included, Payment method: PayPal)


11,500 yen equates roughly to $87 (USD), $126.10 (AUS), or €80.20.
※ This exchange rate was taken on 1/20/2023. We are not responsible for the exchange rate. Please check the latest exchange rate through this link.

If you have a “PayPal” account, you can pay the fee even if you don’t live in Japan and don’t have a Japanese yen account.


We limit the number of members in order to maintain the quality of our lessons and services.
We have reached the maximum number of members. Please wait until the next slot becomes available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As soon as we resume accepting new members, we will announce it on this site, our YouTube channel, and Instagram.

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