Japanese Lesson Information and Prices

Lesson Information

All of our lessons are one-to-one and you can use our services anytime.

① Private Conversation Lesson

Teacher : Ichiyo Sensei

The duration of one Conversation Lesson is 60 minutes. The lesson will be held using Skype.

You can talk about whatever you want in Japanese.
・Free Conversation
・Understanding Japanese basics and grammar.
・Practicing Keigo (Honorific speech).
・Testing your Japanese abilities in multiple areas.
・Checking your Japanese sentence structure.

daily Japanese study lesson

② Daily Japanese Support Service

Our Conversation Lesson is only 60 minutes. We feel this is not a sufficient amount of time to focus on both your Japanese pronunciation and conversation abilities. You can message us anytime using our chat service. We will check your Japanese messages daily.
Ichiyo or other staff will check and correct your Japanese. We will reply to your message within 2 working days.

Recorded Oral Japanese Review Service
Please send us a video or an audio recording of you speaking Japanese. From there we will check the recording you have sent us and work with you on your Japanese pronunciation. Not having both your Japanese pronunciation and grammar corrected early on can set you off on the wrong foot.

・Chat Exchange & Sentence Structure Review Service

You can use Japanese when using our chat service.
Ichiyo or other staff will reply to your messages.
Please ask us any questions in Japanese. If you cannot understand our responses, please tell us. 
We accept any form of written materials, including diary entries, business emails/letters, stories and more!

Studying Japanese Grammar

Daily Japanese Support Service Terms and Conditions
  • You can use the Support Service until your final Conversation Lesson has expired.
  • Please keep your submitted video or audio messages under one minute. You can submit either a video or audio message up till 3 times a day.
  • Please limit your message to a maximum of 3 paragraphs of 300 characters each or less per day.
  • You can access the “Daily Japanese Support Service” using your PC or smartphone (both iOS and Android are supported).

③ Student Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF)

In the following cases, Ichiyo will make an explanatory sheet for you:

・When we want impart on you a specific piece of grammar, kanji, vocabulary and so on.
・When your Japanese question requires a more in-depth explanation that cannot be answered using our Chat Service.

The Support Service is available to you until your final Conversation Lesson expires.

Lesson Fee

 Welcome Lesson Package

Japanese language online lessononline lesson

40,000 Japanese Yen  → 33,000 Japanese Yen (tax included)

Registration Fee: 7,000 Yen Discount!

※ You can purchase our lesson packages via PayPal. We are not responsible for the exchange rate. Please check the exchange rate via this link.

The Welcome Lesson package is the one that all students start with when signing up for our lessons.

  • Registration
  • Introductory Conversation Lesson (20 minutes): Lesson Flow Explanation, PC Setup Check, Japanese Level Check
  • 4 Private Conversation Lesson Package
  • Daily Japanese Support Service
  • Student Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF)

Lesson packages offered after the successful completion of the Welcome Lesson Package

After successful completion of the Welcome Lesson Package, you can choose from the following lesson packages:

Private Lesson Fee for one Student

  • 3 Private Conversation Lesson Package : 28,000 Yen (tax included)
  • 4 Private Conversation Lesson Package : 30,000 Yen (tax included)
  • 8 Private Conversation Lesson Package : 60,000 Yen (tax included)

All of our lesson packages include access to the “Daily Japanese Support Service” and “Student Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (PDF).”

Terms and Conditions
  • You can pay for your lesson packages via “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Store.”
  • Private Conversation Lessons expire in 60 days after payment has been successfully received.
  • If you wish to continue studying with us without interruption, please pay for your next lesson package before your current lesson package expires to ensure a smooth experience.

You can find more details on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Required Hardware and Software for Lesson Participation

Please obtain and prepare the following equipment in advance

  • Internet-enabled PC, Laptop or Smartphone.
  • Webcam with Built-in Microphone or Webcam with a separate microphone. Using a smartphone camera is also fine.
  • Microphone Headset (the use of a headset or headphones is recommended for providing an optimum lesson experience.)
    A smartphone microphone is also acceptable.
  • Skype Account.
  • We use a messaging service called Chatwork. We will show you how to make a Chatwork account after successful receipt of your application.

The student is responsible for making sure their device is adequate for lesson participation.


Lesson Flow

① Purchase the “Welcome Lesson Package” via “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Store.”

② Download and read the included PDF “Beginning Your Japanese Learning Adventure with Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson.”

③ Exchanging of Skype information and creation of Chatwork account.

④ Take Your First Lesson!

We will find a way to unlock your Japanese skills! With Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson, you can enjoy using Japanese anytime!

We look forward to your application!